Teach Children Financial Responsibility

As the year draws closer to an end, many parents will consider making gifts to their adult children.  Part of that gift giving conversation should

Tax Court Highlights the Folly of Indirect Gifts

There was a time, and there may well be one again (see Bernie’s plan), when each person did not have an $11.4 million (in 2019)

An International View of Faulty ILITs

When international estate tax rules are layered onto common errors in Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (“ILITs”), the consequences can be dire.  PLR201941008 illustrates one common

Estate Plans That Stick

An estate plan is a snap shot. It takes into account the facts and circumstances that one knows or anticipates at a particular moment in

5 Mistakes Canadians Make in America

Failure to count days. Canadians who spend time in the United States, absent an exception, must be mindful that the number of days they spend

Violating IRA Rules Has Harsh Results

The rules related to withdrawals of IRA funds (and other funds in defined contribution accounts) are strict and often harsh to the unwary. On September

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