Deferred Annuities Don’t Build Legacy Wealth

As in most difficult economic times, commercial deferred annuities are being shopped as secure sources of long-term investment returns. But are they worthwhile? While there

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Accidental Americans

Even non-US citizens who don’t want to be subject to the US tax system can sometimes be pulled into it. This is largely due to

Two Special Trusts to “Stretch” IRAs

After the SECURE Act, most IRA beneficiaries are required to withdraw the balance of the account within 10 years after the owner’s death. The details

Other Tax-Saving Moves in a Low Interest/Value Time

We are living in a difficult moment. Businesses, families, and individuals are struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, the struggles are largely not anyone’s

The Legal Sins of Influencers

So you’re an influencer (or wannabe). That’s pretty great. It probably means you have a knack for understanding what people (at least your group) enjoy,

CARES Act Supplements Charitable Giving

The CARES Act, which went into law on March 27, 2020, has several provisions that can supplement charitable giving at almost any level. Largely, this

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