The Secure Stretch Trust is Dead?

Previously, I wrote about what I called the Secure Stretch Trust as a possible option to stretch IRA distributions beyond 10 years under the SECURE

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Five Things You Get Wrong About Estate Planning

Estate planning can be a daunting, though important, topic. And, it is a topic that matters to almost everyone. Yet, so many people still misunderstand

Does Your Estate Plan Think of Your Pet?

If you are a regular listener of the Wealth & Law Podcast, then you’ve probably heard our special guests in the background—that is, the family

Time Is The Missing Ingredient

A significant amount of recent commentary has been devoted to Robinhood, the phone app that lets people trade stocks for free. It is heralded as

Could Capital Gains Look Like IRAs?

One of the Biden tax proposals is actually a two for one deal. Increase ordinary income rates to 39.6% and raise capital gains rates to

Is everything Community Property (Basis)?

The tax benefit of community property is that at the first spouse’s death, ALL of it receives a new tax basis. This eliminates all accrued

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