Episode 8: Electronic Wills

Jenna Rubin joins Brent Nelson and Rachel Sass to talk about electronic wills, differences between the Arizona and Florida electronic will statutes, how these wills work, the current limitations of electronic wills, and to prognosticate about electronic wills’ future. If you know nothing about electronic wills, you will be brought up to speed quickly. If you know all about electronic wills, then you will get some nuanced insight about how they do or do not fulfill their purpose at this time.

Jenna is a partner at the law firm Gutter, Chaves, Josepher, Rubin, Forman, Fleisher, Miller P.A. in Boca Raton, Florida. She is a Harvard Law graduate, and a graduate of Northwestern University. She can be found at https://floridatax.com/lawyers/jennarubin/, and she blogs at http://home.rubinonprobatelit.com/.

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