US-Mexico Cross Border Planning (Part 1)

This week, Brent and Rachel sit down with Fernando Barraza to discuss challenges and opportunities for US-Mexico cross border families. In Part 1, they discuss the broad international tax rules that apply to these families, their businesses, and their investments. They flag key concerns and foot faults. In Part 2, they discuss practical solutions and planning options.

Fernando Barraza is a Tax Shareholder and a member of the firm’s International and Estates & Trusts segment teams. He is a dynamic and proficient business consultant with over ten years of public accounting experience, delivering results across multiple industries. He leads projects involving domestic and international business structure set-up, cross-border structuring, foreign expansion planning, tax treaty analysis, foreign tax credit planning, as well as IC-DISC entity structuring, compliance and planning. He prepares, coordinates and reviews complex tax provision engagements in accordance with ASC 740 and compliance with international standards. He is adept at aligning operational business, tax, cash flow, and technology strategies with innovation and cost efficiency. Fernando is a flexible CPA who adapts seamlessly to constantly evolving laws, processes and technology. He is a recognized leader and mentor with the ability to manage large teams. Fernando is fluent in English and Spanish.

Fernando can be reached at (520) 321-4600, or

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