Building Generational Wealth

Generational wealth has been a major talking point on the Wealth & Law podcast. In prior episodes, Brent and Rachel have talked about how to preserve generational wealth and how to pass it on to future generations. This week, we dive into how to actually build generational wealth. Brent and Rachel are joined by Kyle Larson and Lily Styrmoe from TCI Wealth Advisors and go over their top five tips for how younger individuals and families can begin building the generational wealth that they’ve dreamed of.

Kyle Larson is a a CFP, Financial Advisor, and Shareholder at TCI Wealth Advisors. Kyle graduated from the University of Arizona before attending medical school and later becoming a financial planner.  While Kyle enjoys working with all clients, he specializes in planning for doctors, nurses, and others who work in medicine, namely new and resident physicians. You can find Kyle at and can contact him at

Lily Styrmoe is a CFP, CSRIC, and Financial Advisor at TCI Wealth Advisors. Lily graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Environmental Studies. Her particular area of expertise is in sustainable, responsible, and impact investing. Lily enjoys aligning clients’ long term investment strategy and overarching financial plan with their core values, specifically environmental and socially responsible focused goals. You can find Lily at and can contact her at

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