Cross Border Investing and Retirement Planning

This week, Brent and Rachel bring back Shiraz Ahmed to talk about cross border investing and retirement planning. They discuss the similarities and differences between common U.S. and Canadian retirement vehicles and back-door Roth IRAs. They also get into the Robinhood era of investing and when someone should sit down with a financial advisor.

Shiraz is a Financial Advisor and Founder of the Sartorial Wealth team of Raymond James Ltd. He specializes in coordinating the financial care for clients. Shiraz works with specialists inside the firm as well as the clients’ attorneys and accountants to consolidate their finances into one coherent financial plan. He also specializes in family services. Shiraz holds a Chartered Investment Management (CIM) designation and is among an elite group of advisors fully licensed in Canada and the US and registered with both IIROC and FINRA.

Shiraz’s bio and contact information are available at

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