Building a Modern Practice

Brent chats with Penny Phillips about how she is building the modern registered investment advisory firm, what it takes to prioritize clients, and how advisors can connect with clients. They also rib lawyers and laugh about common excuses to stay off social media.

Penny Phillips has spent most of her career coaching and consulting financial advisors, business owners and wealth management institutions. She is the co-founder and President of Journey Strategic Wealth, a Registered Investment Adviser built for advisors seeking independence and full-fledged practice management support.

Prior to founding Journey, Penny ran a consulting and coaching firm called Thrivos Consulting, and prior to that worked in various leadership positions across the financial services industry. She has authored multiple practice management training programs focused on helping financial advisors prepare for the next generation of wealth holder and has coached hundreds of financial advisors.

As an industry speaker, she has spoken at financial services conferences across the US and Canada. She currently runs a weekly YouTube series called “Practice Management with Penny” available at

Penny can be found and contacted here and on Twitter @ThrivosLLC.

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