How to Start a New Business

Brent chats with Alex Wells about how to start your new business. They discuss key issues like (1) deciding which business to start, (2) hiring great people, (3) creating good culture, and (4) scaling through marketing and business development.

Alex Wells is the Co-Founder of Imprint Digital. Over the last 13 years, Alex has been building a stack of experience in diversified business leadership including digital marketing, sales, account management, strategic planning, employee management and development, training, communication, operations, and customer service. He launched professionally with Press-One Customer Care back in 2010. Alex managed relationships with multiple publications throughout the states to help them implement and optimize their marketing, advertising, sales, and customer service at a much lower cost than in-house solutions. This was on the tail end of the recession and the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Many print publications were struggling to balance budgets and keep up with the push to digital which is where he made his impact.

In 2015 he decided to pursue digital marketing exclusively and accepted a role at a SaaS company. He started his role working directly with 100s of businesses to help them develop and scale their digital marketing strategies and reach their growth benchmarks. Alex quickly moved up to be a Director of Marketing where he managed a team of 45 digital marketing experts and was responsible for aiding the team to develop and execute successful marketing strategies. During his time there, the company grew from under 200 employees to just over 600.  

Alex is also the co-founder of Grit Investments, a capital investment company in Northern Colorado. 

The most important part of Alex is his life outside of work. Family and faith first. He has an amazing and successful wife Alyssa and a beautiful baby girl August. They live in Windsor, CO. They love their friends and family and the most important thing to them is relationships and helping people.

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