Redefining Retirement: Building Prosperous Money Mindsets

Brent chats with Brad Barrett about the essence of retirement and the art of fostering positive and prosperous relationships with money. They delve into the complexities of redefining retirement in the modern context and provide insights into the strategies for creating meaningful financial relationships. They also talk about setting goals that are meaningful.

Brad is a Managing Director with One Capital Management. He advises private individuals and families on their personal investment and advanced planning needs. In addition, he oversees the firms Retirement and Corporate Services practice. Previously, Mr. Barrett spent four years as an Investment Advisor with a boutique private wealth management firm in Los Angeles. Brad was head of Corporate Services Business Development for American Financial Network for three years. His experience and knowledge as head of the firm’s Corporate Services division has allowed him to provide essential research, analysis, and strategy recommendations for high net worth individuals and the companies they own or represent. Brad earned his Bachelor degree in Economics and Political Science from Arizona State University.

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