Mastering Stress: Strategies for High-Performing Professionals

Brent chats with Matt Schmidt about the causes and cures for stress in professional life. They discuss the factors that are causing you stress and how experts, and they personally, suggest taking action to reduce stress. Of course, there is no cure for stress. They point out how to therefore harness stress to make it more of a tool than a hinderance in your life.

Matt Schmidt is a partner at Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian and graduated from the James E Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona in 2010. Matt’s primary interest in law focuses on serious personal injury, insurance bad faith, and police liability.

Prior to attending law school, Matt earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. During this time, his interest in travel sent him on two study abroad programs in Italy and Ireland. His passion for creative writing has not left him since then, having self-published two children’s books for his two older children – with a third book in the works. Matt’s writing talent even won him 2nd place in the Arizona Attorney’s creative arts competition in May 2011 for his fictional piece “The Taker.”

When he is not practicing law, writing or traveling with his wife, Matt enjoys participating in or watching just about any sporting event. He played rugby at the University of Arizona, played for the Old Pueblo Lions’ Rugby Club until recently, and still bleeds red and blue when it comes to the Arizona Wildcats. Now, Matt’s passion for sports, penchant for mentoring, and love of his family have combined as a coach for his sons’ baseball and soccer teams. Matt also enjoys staying active in the community and has been involved in various philanthropic and charity organizations such as the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tucson program, as the President and Founder of the Engage Foundation, and being on the Board of Directors for the Empower Coalition, among many others.

Matt can be found here:, and his email, as mentioned in the episode, is

Robert Waldinger’s TedTalk about Happiness and the Harvard Study of Adult Development can be found here:

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