Financial Planning Tune Up

A new year calls for tuning up your finances! This week on the Wealth & Law Podcast, Brent and Rachel sit down with Melanie Simons, the CEO of ReFrame Wealth, to discuss her top tips for getting on top of your finances for the new year. We discuss looking at your spending reports, grading your team of advisors, and more.

Melanie Simons is a founding member and CEO of ReFrame Wealth. Melanie believes that exceptional service and sound advice should be a standard in all financial planning relationships, and that comfort and confidence are the ultimate measures of financial success. She is grateful that her work allows her daily opportunities to connect with clients, support her team, and build a whole new kind of a financial planning firm — one that puts clients and advisors on the same side of the table and reframes [reimagines] the meaning of wealth. Outside of work, Melanie enjoys spending time with her husband Nick, their daughter Sloane, and a rescued pup of unknown pedigree named Draper. Melanie loves cooking, her favorite books are nonfiction, and nothing can stand between her and her favorite self-care routines.

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