2022 Market Update

What’s happening in the markets this year? This week, Brent and Rachel sit down with Doug Nelson on the status of the investment markets over the last quarter and what we may expect in the coming months. Doug gets into rising interest rates, hedging against inflation, and remembering your goals and overall financial plan. Additionally, Doug gives advice for anyone who wants to get into a career of financial planning and how to find your passion in the field.

Doug is an advisor and shareholder at TCI Wealth Advisors. Doug has received numerous national recognitions based upon his belief that investment success involves integrating clients’ lifestyle goals with their investment plans. During the last decade, Worth, Barron’s, and Bloomberg Magazine regularly recognized Doug’s work as one of the top independent financial advisors in the nation.

You can find Doug at https://tciwealth.com/employee-directory/doug-nelson/, and you can contact him at Doug.Nelson@tciwealth.com, 520-733-1477.

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